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On March, 1995, STEP was established, and in the same year, the company introduced the 2.5m/s DCVV elevator control system. 
Our general managers, Mr. Ji and Mr. Yuan, went to America, Japan and Hong Kong to learn and acquire new technologies. 
In March, 1997, the company established its Beijing branch. 
In July, the company introduced the elevator remote monitoring system. 
On October, 1998, the company introduced SmartCom Ⅱ elevator serial control system, and on December, the company was recognized as Shanghai New and High Technology Enterprise 
On May, 1999, STEP established a modern production workshop.
In July, 2000, the Guangzhou Branch was established. 
In November, Hong Kong International STEP Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. was established. 
In July, 2001, the STEP Bulletin is initially issued. 
In September, STEP SmartCom Ⅱelevator serial control system passed National electromagnetic compatibility testing.  
In October, the compant attended the Augsburg Interlift2001. 
In December, the company introduced Elevator Semi-serial Control system. 
In January, 2002, Germany STEP Elevator Technology Company, Ltd. was established. In October, STEP attended an International Elevator and Escalator Exhibition held in Las Vegas, America. 
In March, 2003, STEP Sigriner Elektronik GmbH was successfully registered in Germany, and in June, the company started operation. Also in June, STEP's second phase office construction building project started, and in October, the third phase workshop construction project started and the company also attended the Interlift 2003 in Augsburg, Germany. In November, our product obtained TUV EN-81 safety certificate. 
In April, 2004, the company introduced a special type of computer for elevator control ( We also introduced elevator door inverter. 
In June, our second and third phase projects were completed and were started to be used. 
In August, the Company became one the first batch of workplaces for post-doctoral personnel. 
In October, Shanghai STEP Software Technology Company Ltd. was founded. In addition, we offered STEP Scholarship to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Guangcai Enterprise Funds, and made contributions to Indian Ocean earthquake areas, and our CH3VF elevator control cabinet was awarded as the Shanghai Key and New Product. STEP was awarded as Advanced Enterprise in Shanghai. 
In May, STEP elevator controller achieved CE certification. 
In July, STEP elevator controller achieved CSA certification. 
In October, the company attended Interlift 2005. 
In November, STEP iAStar elevator inverter passed the Technical Achievement Evaluation by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of P.R.C. 
In December, our vector controlled elevator inverter was recognized as A Level Shanghai High and New Technological Achievement Transformation Project, and STEP offered Scholarship to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Meanwhile, STEP Technical Center was recognized as an Enterprise Technical Center of Shanghai Municipal Level. 
In March, STEP elevator control systems were recognized as Shanghai Famous Brand Product. 
In April, our SAP ERP enterprise management system started to be used.  Meanwhile, our elevator inverters obtained the Innovation Fund for Technological Enterprises by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of P.R.C. 
In May, our after sales department was awarded a Honor Certificate from Shanghai Municipal Government, and the STEP serial controlled elevator control system obtained Top 100 Shanghai High and New Technological Achievement Transformation Projects, and Top 10 Independent Innovation Products. Meanwhile, our elevator inverter obtained the Prize for Progress in Science and Technology by Jiading District, Shanghai. 
In November, our Chengdu branch office was established. Our SmartCom Ⅱ intelligent elevator control system was recognized as Shanghai Key and New Product. Our president, Mr. Ji, was selected as the chairman of Confederation of Trade Unions in Jiading District, Shanghai. 
In December, Shanghai Sigriner STEP Electric Company Ltd. started its workshop construction project, and STEP Corporation was awarded as China Technological Innovative Superior Enterprise. 
In March, STEP trademark was honored as Shanghai Famous Trademark 
In June, STEP hydraulic elevator control system and residential building elevator control system passed CSA certification. 
In August, our frequency inverters achieved NRTL certificate by TUV. 
In October, STEP sponsored 2007 Special Olympic Games. 
In November, STEP donated to Guangcai Business in Jiading District, Shanghai. 
In December, SmartCom Ⅱ networked intelligent elevator control system was honored as National Key and New Product, and the company was awarded Top 100 Private Technological Enterpise in Shanghai, China 
In January, our machine tool servo drive system was listed as a Shanghai Innovative Project and the company achieved ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certificate. 
In May, the company and its staff made donations to the people suffered in 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. 
In June, the central committee of the Communist Party of STEP Corporation was founded. 
In July, STEP post-doctoral work station was established. 
In September, the project of "industrialization of elevator inverters" successfully passed approval by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC. 
In December, STEP firstly issued its A share in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock name: STEP. Stock code: 002527